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    CGRundertow SNUGGLE TRUCK for PC Video Game Review


    by CGRundertow

    SnuggleTruck review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of SnuggleTruck for PC. Sometimes animals need to escape and get out of their confined lives behind bars and cages. And sometimes they need a little help making the trip. And even stuffed animals need to get out as well! In SnuggleTruck you control a truckdriver, who desperately needs to trade in this only farmtruck in for something newer, who must help a gang of stuffed animals get out of a zoo. Each level features jumps, cliffs, and explosives, and players must tilt and control the truck in such a way that will keep all the fuzzy-wuzzy friends safe inside the truck. It's an simple and very fun concept that comes to us from Owlchemy Labs, and is the...uh, more politically correct version of their game 'SmuggleTruck'. Snuggle truck is a little more tame than that game, but they're basically the same game. You can also design and share your own levels! SnuggleTruck's physics action and 'one-more-go, please' gameplay make it a great addition to your indie game catalog, and is available on PC, iOS, as well as Android phones with its inclusion in the Humble Bundle For Android 2. This video review features video gameplay footage of SnuggleTruck on the PC, and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Jonathan.

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