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    The Prisoner - shortfilm (with English subtitles)

    Martín Deus

    por Martín Deus

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    A group of boy scouts has been divided into two teams and for three days they have been left by themselves in the mountains in order to play a war-game. Suddenly, two boys from the red team find a boy from the yellow team and decide to take him prisoner, pushing the game’s limits a little further. It’s a funny, sweet story of friendship between rivals.

    Cast: Juan Pacheco, Deivi Duarte y Fernando Pachano
    Directed by:Omar Zambrano, Juan Chappa y Martín Deus
    Line Producer: Marcel Ávila
    Editing: Alberto Ponce
    Cinematography: Michell Rivas
    Music: Moises Pirela y Juan Carlos Bueno
    Sound: Miguel New
    Produced por CNAC - Venezuela