Life After Death?


by AllThingsScience

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There is an eternal spark inside of us. It is the essential energy that allows individuality. It's not necessarily a soul as we imagine souls. The only information it may carry is that of individuality and nothing else. In other words, no memories of past lives may be possible.

This speck of energy, however minute, however connected to the eternal reality of which this universe is an unknown part, existed before we did in this life and will always exist. In fact, all the energy involved in making us will remain in an eternal existence. The 1st law of thermodynamics explains that. Because this energy has proven to be capable of producing conscious beings, we know that it can continue to do so countless times, given an eternity,. It is possible that we will experience countless future existences and may already have experienced countless existences. What force beyond an intelligent nature is capable of interfering with such a cyclical process? A mechanical nature certainly can't.
By Freethinker51 2 years ago