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    With the Night Came a little Rain (So vechora dozhdik) 2009 Valentin Ol’shvang Russian animation


    door eus347

    Discribed as the quintessential russian animation. Valentins Olshvangs Ruselka ( mermaid) story is quite a pearl of, what in my mind is the best russian arthouse animator of the moment. His ouvre as director is small. It's only his third. But his importance lies also in his artdirection work for Sverdlovsk studio, and others. He also worked with Yuri Norstein, generally acknowledged as the greatest animator of the last 50 years. also an animator that refuses to do concessions in the matter of quality, and therfor produces little quantity.
    Technique: Kresba na papír/Drawing on Paper
    Director: Valentin Olshvang
    Screenplay: Valentin Olshvang
    Animation: Valentin Olshvang, Katerina Brazhkina
    Music: Georgy Titovsky
    Producer: Valentina Khizhnyakova
    Idea by: Valentin Olshvang
    Sound: Nadezhda Shestakova