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    Woman caught with guns inside garri bags

    Mayor Boss

    by Mayor Boss

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    Eseoghene Avbiorokoma
    Do we have human rights in that country?
    By Eseoghene Avbiorokoma4 years ago
    Omotosho Okanlomo
    The situation is sadden, however, Nigeria is corrupted of injustice, Arrest the woman and allow her to a fair trial in court.. THESE MONEY HUNGRY SO CALL POLICE, anyway no 1 else to blame but the "GOVERNMENT" GREEDY PPL..
    By Omotosho Okanlomo4 years ago
    Juliet Oliver
    that shows no one to trust in that country,,,,,, and those police men...... madam talk talk and d wouldnt allow her to talk
    By Juliet Oliver4 years ago