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    Classic Game Room - GALACTIC ATTACK for Sega Saturn review Pt1


    by ClassicGameRoom

    Part 1 of 2. Classic Game Room HD reviews GALACTIC ATTACK for Sega Saturn. This 1995 space ship shooter from Taito was published by Acclaim for the Sega Saturn, although it was originally called RayForce for the Japanese arcades. Galactic Attack is also known as Layer Section for the Japanese Sega Saturn, although the games are pretty much identical. Galactic Attack gameplay is fast and furious, like Xevious with a kick of extra sauce (special space funk sauce). Blast enemies out of the air and bomb them to pieces, rack up bombing laser multipliers and explode end bosses. This CGR review of Galactic Attack has gameplay from the Sega Saturn SHMUP, Galactic Attack, showing game play footage of Galactic Attack being played in single player mode. Also playable as a 2 player game. This is one of the most affordable shooters available for the North American Sega Saturn and one of the most fun. Excellent for beginners and expert SHMUPS fans, Galactic Attack delivers awesome space ship vertical scrolling shooter action.