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    Classic Game Room - RETRO GAMER Magazine review


    by ClassicGameRoom

    Classic Game Room HD reviews RETRO GAMER magazine, the greatest video game magazine available today. Packed with articles about classic video games like Asteroids, Zelda, Mario Kart, Arkanoid, Metal Slug, R-Type, Robotron 2084 and Metroid, Retro Gamer has some serious depth and awesome reading. They frequently interview designers like Eugene Jarvis (Robotron 2084, Defender) and innovators about their games. RG also has reviews of modern releases for XBLA, Wii Virtual Console and PS3. I enjoy the eBay section where they'll cover eBay prices for various game consoles and collections of odd Sega Saturn games and arcade coin-op machines. Where else can you find a multi-page article about the Vectrex or Sega Nomad? Retro Gamer. It's published in the U.K. so it can be expensive for American and Canadian consumers (because the dollar isn't worth squat) and it is shipped on the back of dragons from Panzer Dragoon. It's a hefty magazine packed with articles instead of ads. You won't find self serving re-hashed marketing messages sponsored by game companies promoting their own games in there. The team at Retro Gamer actually enjoys games and seems to have been collecting them for decades. If you're in the United States (or elsewhere that RG is not on shelves) you may not find Retro Gamer at your local store, CGR recommends a subscription. It's Retro Gamer, OLD!