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    The Outcast of Camelot - Episode Five


    by kingfaris

    A Desperate Plan

    Queen Guinevere meets with her most trusted knights, Sir Dinadan and Sir Breunor on the castle green. She introduced them to her companion, Isobel, William the blacksmith, and a mysterious Monk who has agreed to accompany her to the seashore. Breunor proposes a daring way to get the Queen and her companion out of Camelot. Later, a procession of pilgrims make their way out of the rear gate to Camelot. The pilgrims are led by a Monk and a flagellant, scourging himself with a chain in imitation of Christ's suffering. The guards are distracted by the spectacle and fail to closely inspect the other pilgrims as they pass. Moments later, Alanna and Sybil appear at the gate and charge the guards to arrest the pilgrims. A series of bloody sword fights takes place as Guinevere and Isobel flee for their lives.