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    Depression Treatment Centers Memphis TN


    by imagewrite89

    Click here or Call 901-969-2424 for more information. . About Depression - Depressive disorders come in different forms. Depression can be a less severe type called dysthymia or another type such as bipolar disorder. Mood changes are dramatic and quick. Bipolar disorder can be a recurring condition.
    Depression is exhibited by any combination of symptoms. Everyone who is depressed can experience different symptoms. Some symptoms of Depression are the following:
    Persistent sad, anxious, or empty frame of mind; Feelings of hopelessness, gloom, negativity; Feelings of blame, unimportance, helplessness; Loss of interest with hobbies and activities that were enjoyed; Insomnia or oversleeping; Overeating, weight gain and/or weight loss; Fatigue, lack of energy; Thoughts of death or suicide, suicide attempts; Agitation, irritability, impatience; and Difficulty with concentrating, remembering things, indecisiveness in making decisions.