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    Industrial Ceiling Fan ROI - The Revolution From Rite-Hite


    by ritehitevideos

    Imagine…a fan that does more than improve air flow at your facility. Imagine…a fan that actually improves cash flow. Yes, cash flow. Not only moving air in the right direction, but also costs.

    Let’s take it from the top – as in the ceiling.

    Introducing the high-volume, low-speed fan from Rite Hite. What it does is push mass volumes of air downward and throughout your plant, wall to wall, ceiling to floor. It’s all about comfort, of course. And not only in the summer months. You see, in the winter, air typically stratifies, with the warmer air going up to the ceiling and the cooler air staying down near the floor. There can be a 10, 20, or even 30 degree temperature gradient from top to bottom. But the most dramatic number is the amount of energy you’re wasting … heating the ceiling.

    Now this powerful fan destratifies the air, pushing it down where it can actually benefit people – while pushing your energy costs down by as much as 30%. Real savings, real money, that can be put to far better use. Plus, the fan costs just pennies an hour to operate. It’s so efficient it could actually pay for itself in less than a year.

    And the best news of all? It’s not imaginary. It’s revolutionary. And it’s here today.

    The Revolution high-volume, low-speed fan from Rite Hite.