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    Classic Game Room reviews TOKYO XTREME RACER 2 for Dreamcast


    by ClassicGameRoom

    This is the LAST original Classic Game Room review recorded from season 1 in 2000. This swan song from the original CGR team is a review of the tremendous TOKYO XTREME RACER 2 for the Sega Dreamcast, the sequel to Tokyo Extreme Racer 1. Modifiy your cars and race them on the highway against competing gangs! Excellent gameplay, addictive features and mesmerizing action made this game one of the more unique racers on the Dreamcast. It was an improvement from Tokyo Xtreme Racing 1 with more cars, a bigger highway system and more customizable options. The footage shows the amount of fun we had and mayhem that we caused while tearing around the freeways in Los Angeles in our Nissan Skyline and Acura NSX (even though the cars weren't really called that in the game)). Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2 is a must have for fans of the Sega Dreamcast looking for a fun and exciting driving game that doesn't quite fit the mold of games like Ferrari F355 Challenge or Test Drive Le Mans. If you like import tuners and modifying your car with huge mufflers, wings and body moldings... and then going out on gang war crusades against lame ass games in Tokyo (or LA, whatever) then this game is for you! Classic Game Room brings you the best in video game reviews from all kings of game systems and arcade classics, past and present!