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    Classic Game Room reviews MEDAL OF HONOR 1 for Playstation


    by ClassicGameRoom

    Classic Game Room reviews the original MEDAL OF HONOR for the Playstation 1 video game console. Back from the year 2000, before the world went to complete crap, the original Game Room tackled some ground breaking games. Medal of Honor was one of the first games in the awesome WW2 first person shooter genre. Several years after Castle Wolfenstein really started the WWII FPS movement, and around the same time as Saving Private Ryan, the MOH video game series started out with some pretty exciting games. Medal of Honor was a fun game with intense action and a cool story. Graphically the original PSone has not held up very well, but the gameplay, weapons and battle action was top notch for a FPS. This review of Medal of Honor shows some gameplay to make you remember the olden days of first person shooters when just the very sight of dungeon crawling through Nazi bunkers made you exciting. Use machine guns, rocket launchers and an clever array of weapons to annihilate your enemey. Medal of Honor 1 is on the PS1 and this Classic Game Room review is from 2000. Machine gun up some bad guys, it's Medal of Honor time.