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    Tintin; Artificial Intelligence - Tintin is abandoned


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    English version of "l'abandon de Tintin"
    I saw the movie Artificial Intelligence in English and history inspired me a little crazy fiction! ^ ^ I took the idea that in the Alph-Art, Tintin should be killed by Rastapopoulos. (source Wikipedia)

    Tintin was killed and Haddock feels guilty for not having been able protect him.Seeing the sadness, Professor Calculus makes it a strange surprise: he create a robot capable of having feelings, a copy of Tintin. The robot behaves like the real Tintin with a more childlike and less adventurous but Snowy does not seem unhappy to have a new Tintin ... but Tintin robot has sometime as flashes of his adult life reporter.
    One day, Chang returns but despite that Tintin wants to become his friend, he refuses to talk to the robot. He does everything to bring Tintin. Calculus beginning to doubt the safety of the robot but not Haddock. But when Tintin lack drowned the young Chinese, the Thompsons and Calculus were adamant: Tintin must be destroyed!