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    RMS Titanic Disaster - 100 Years

    Tina Ferrie

    by Tina Ferrie

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    In memory of all the men, women and children who died during the sinking of the White Star ocean liner, RMS Titanic, 100 years ago.
    These videos are from James Cameron's 2005 dive down to the Titanic called "The Last Mysteries of the Titanic". The dive was broadcast live on TV and features almost every single room on the magnificent ocean liner.
    "Nearer My God To Thee" was the last song to ever be played apon the majestic RMS Titanic. Many captains of today say that if their ship were to sink, they would play this song.
    100 years ago Titanic left dock never to return to land again but stayed in our hearts and minds for all eternity. RIP to all those who lost their lives and loved ones