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    Who Makes Malware - and Why?

    Chris Pirillo

    by Chris Pirillo

    29 views - Last week, Sherman DeForest wrote about old Internet scams not dying. This was prompted by a couple of attempted scams on some of his clients. (He does not count attempts on his own system because he suffers several attacks every day from something or another. He sometimes deliberately lets an isolated machine get infected just to test his protection. This is probably not an activity for the faint of heart.) But he was surprised at the meeting of a club he attends to learn that there seems to be an epidemic of malware attacks in progress. He has no real statistics, but after several months of no one complaining about being attacked, three members related incidents and several nodded. Fortunately, only one of the infections was serious enough to provoke a factory restore.

    You can watch the entire live TLDR episode here: