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    Economics the Vedic Way, by Stephen Knapp

    Stephen Knapp

    by Stephen Knapp

    Economics the Vedic Way: An Introduction to a Wholesome System. This looks at the basic principles of how to provide a more balanced system of economics according to the Dharmic lifestyle, in which everyone can more easily attain what they need, lead a simple but happier life, and have time to develop themselves spiritually and investigate the real purpose of human existence. We see that many people today are completely absorbed in trying to make enough money to meet their basic needs, and often living in fear that they may lose their job and everything they have acquired in life if they do not have enough funds to keep paying for all of their expenses. This is not a wholesome system, but allows the few wealthy elitists to lead a pampered life at the expense of others. This video explains a little about the Vedic alternative so everyone can benefit.
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