Pet Peacocks Charm Xinjiang Villagers

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Villagers in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region have been visiting one neighbor.

They are fascinated by the presence of uncommon pets—one colorful male peacock and three female peacocks.

The owner and her husband have reared the pet birds for three years.

[Zhang Weixin, Pet Peacock Owner]:
"At that time, a family in Korla fostered peacocks, and gave some eggs to me...I have nothing to do as I am retired, so I wanted to raise something for fun."

Zhang, who lives in the farming community, said a turkey incubated the peacock eggs.

Eight baby peacocks emerged after one month. Four died due to the harsh weather.

[He Chengfu, Zhang's neighbor]:
"A lot of people come here to take photos with the peacocks…I come here several times a day. They are quite beautiful."

The four pet peacocks present a striking display.