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énorme 2Pac!!!
Par hybrid666theory Il y a 7 ans
I shoulda seen
You was trouble right from the starrrrt, taught me so many lessons
How not to mess with broken hearts, so many questions
When this began we was the perfect match, perhaps
We had some problems but we workin at it, and now
The arguments are gettin loud, I wanna say
But I can't help from walkin out just a little way
Just take my hand and understand, if you could see
I never planned to be a man it just wasn't me
But now I'm searchin for commitment, in other arms
I wanna shelter you from harm, don't be alarmed
Your attitude was the cause, you got me stressin
Soon as I open up the door with your jealous questions
Like where can I be you're killin me with your jealousy
Now my ambition's to be free
I can't breathe, cause soon as I leave, it's like a trap
I hear you callin me to come back, I'm a sucka for love
That's right, sucka for love
Par milmil69 Il y a 7 ans
pff olalalalalallalalalala...
Mais il est pas croyable le clip koi...
le son idem , l'artiste idem... l'une des meilleure chose que j'ai vu dans ma vie jcrois !
Les meilleurs sons proviennent de la galaxie année 90, rien à dire!
Par Akiraaaaaa Il y a 7 ans
le mec respect pour les dessin et tou
Par tony94000 Il y a 7 ans
moi 2pac c toute ma vi c tro frai jador toute ses sik je les conai par coeur
Par tony94000 Il y a 7 ans
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