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Richard Brautigan

il y a 6 ans528 views



I like to sit in the cheap theaters if America here people live and die with Elizabethan manners while watching the movies. There is a theater down on Market Street where I can see four movies for a dollar. I really dont care how good they are either. Im not a critic. I just like to watch movies. Their presence on the screen is enough for me.

The theater is filled with black people, hippies, senior citizens, sordiers, sailors ane the innocent people who talk to the movies because the movies are just as real as anything else that has ever happened to them.

“No! No! Get mack in the car, Clyde. Oh, God, theyre killing Bonnie!”

I am the poet-in-residence at these theaters but I dont plan on Getting a Guggenheim for it.

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Richard Brautigan
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