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    Is Mac OS X Lion the End of the Hackintosh?

    Chris Pirillo

    by Chris Pirillo


    Ebotman16 asked: "Is Lion going to bring an end to Hackintoshes?"

    Hackintosh computers, simply put, are PCs built on non-Apple hardware that run OS X as their primary operating system. Unlike previous versions of OS X, Lion isn't presently available at retail stores. Instead, you have to purchase the OS through the Mac App Store, making it harder to install on non-Apple hardware.

    Does this mean OS X Lion has dealt a serious blow to the Hackintosh community? Not even close.

    If there's one thing you can always depend on, it's the determination and ingenuity of the hacker community. There are already several tutorials posted around the web with workarounds that enable OS X Lion to run on non-Apple hardware.