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    Japan Prepares Missile Defence Ahead of N.Korea Rocket Launch


    by NTDTelevision

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    Japan sets up missile defense systems on a southern island beach resort ahead of the planned North Korea rocket launch. Japan is concerned about the possibility of the Korean rocket crash landing.

    Content: Ishigaki, famed for its surf, sand and diving spots was turned in to a make-shift military base on Wednesday as nearly 100 Japanese Self Defense Force personnel set up a ballistic missile defense system ahead of North Korea's rocket launch.

    Defense analysts in Tokyo say the possibility of a crash landing is real.

    [Narushige Michishita, Security Director, Institute for Policy Studies, Tokyo]:
    "It is possible that it falls over a residential area in those islands, so we can't rule out that possibility. And also, missile propellant, the liquid propellant of the missile is quite toxic so that's another worry."

    The Japanese government has ordered its forces to shoot down the rocket if it directly threatens Japanese people or property.

    [Narushige Michishita, Security Director, Institute for Policy Studies, Tokyo]:
    "In 1998 missile test, North Korean rocket parts fell 60 kilometers off Japan's east coast. So that was a close call. And so that kind of situation can happen again. So I think it's a reasonable thing for the Japanese government to have decided to deploy the ballistic missile defense system."

    Holiday makers seem unconcerned.

    [Yosuke Higashitani, Tourist from Osaka]:
    "We're certainly worried, but we'd already made our reservations. So I just thought we'd have to get used to the situation -- I didn't feel like we should cancel."

    [Yuji Murafuku, Local Resident]:
    "Well the PAC-3s are here, you know that sort of is a reassurance. So I kind of feel everything is ok -- it's not that big a problem."