by sportbb

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Great clip! It's fairly short but manages to show us closeups from many angles. It also shows the pre-contest stress that even a competitor as superbly prepared as Denise goes through. These women work SO hard to achieve this kind of condition!
By ibm650 2 years ago
Awesome body !!
By musclebabes 3 years ago
I like her boobs and her clits
By Heri Supriadi 3 years ago
Denise makes me hard in a matter of seconds- I would personally delight in exploding my passion over every mound of her muscular body
By cliftonwebb 3 years ago
one of the best from the 90s and early 2k.. Her arms, legs, abbs, back,chest and breast are unforgettable. I would FUCK her forever!!!!
By kamho zeng 3 years ago