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    #1 Yoga Secret - Amazon Book

    Artour Rakhimov

    by Artour Rakhimov


    This is a trailer of Dr. Artour Rakhimov's Amazon book "#1 Yoga Secret". The video is for people who are interested in yoga and health.

    Contemporary yoga is really a completely different training in comparison to yoga coached some generations in the past. It had been a lot more effective with regards to illnesses and utilized for coping with numerous significant complications for example heart disease, asthma as well as most cancers. Most significantly, traditional yoga raises oxygen levels in body tissues because of one magic formula that was not too long ago exposed.

    But contemporary yoga typically, when we think about many people exercising yoga, doesn't assist with reduced oxygen levels in body tissues since it instructs numerous strange ideas with regards to transportation of oxygen to tissues.

    To begin with, contemporary yoga instructors are obsessive about positions while ignoring the substance of yoga. Certainly, if you go to yoga lessons, you discover that it is more than ninety percent positions and below 10 percent respiration exercises. These positions can be used for many years with no modifications in well being and outcomes for the body oxygen test.

    Next, contemporary yoga doesn't have any standard or range, while traditional yoga scrolls state that we have to steadily raise the amounts of cycles while exercising the primary respiration exercise known as Pranayama. If a yoga pupil practices pranayama with similar periods of time, there'd be no enhancements in well being. This overlooked vital function of pranayama is a result of an additional misunderstanding that is common among the contemporary yoga instructors.