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    Classic Game Room reviews NEWCASTLE BROWN ALE beer


    by ClassicGameRoom

    Classic Game Room HD reviews NEWCASTLE BROWN ALE, the famous, flavorful, nutty brown ale all the way from England! Those British know how to brew and this beer shows it. Classic taste, well rounded, balanced and enjoyable anytime, anywhere. CGRHD reviews more than just video games, we also review things that compliment video games. This episode shows what is to come, a series of excellent and unique BEER REVIEWS from the Classic Game Room show! What do you drink with an Atari game? Do lagers go better with Nintendo? Are witbiers more of a Playstation beverage or should they be consumed with the Xbox 360? Beer has a rich history and comes in thousands of brands and varieties. Classic Game Room will periodically review various beers, their taste, our opinions and as always.... unique and moderately informative episodes! It's NEWCASTLE BROWN ALE! Hooray, beer review videos that are unbiased and full of flavor! Classic Game Room obviously prefers certain beers over others, we LOVE British beers, bitters, ales and anything from the North of England. We also love Belgian style ales, German lagers and American microbrews! How do these beers taste and stack up with each other? How are British beers different than their American counterparts? How's the UK brewing industry? How do you brew beer? Watch the show, sucka!