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    Quartier Mutualité, Saint-Denis (France) Pt. 1


    par lisafalour

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    copyright 2012 Lisa B. Falour, B.S., M.B.A. all rights reserved LISA, INC. (EURL)

    I mention here my dentist visit was around 80 euros, but it was closer to 60. There are also a couple of other little facts I got wrong on this clip, but I was rushing best I could to beat a rainstorm.

    I do two channels on YouTube: CUTECATFAITH and SLOBOMOTION.

    I am American-born and have lived in France since 1994. I have been a French citizen for many years now and am still American, too.

    The bakery and pastry shop shown here also makes their own candy. The butcher sells regional products from France, such as fancy duck and goose fat in jars, which I can ship legally worldwide. There is a shop in this neighborhood which sells very good second-hand or nearly-new cooking and household supplies --many are made of precious metals, such as copper, and include such things as jam-making sets, bed-warmers, quality ovenproof ceramic cookwear, and more. I ship all over the world.

    Saint-Denis was the capital of France before Paris and has a fascinating history. An important medieval walled market city, it has a border contiguous with Paris and the largest market in Europe (and arguably one of the best) runs three mornings per week. The world's first Gothic cathedral is here. I am available as a private guide and consultant.