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    Marseille Water congress (English version)

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    How to try to resolve so many problems between Palestinians, Israliens, Jordanians, when for example, all water of mediterranean sea is not so deep as pacific ocean, not so blue as their sky with their stars visible upon their old or young heads, not so green as their same flags ? Hello, no water to drink to cook, to clean and wash cars or hands for all those so numerous people, poor or rich, sultans, emirs or factory's workers, a single solitary walker, an athletic woman jogging in a desert safari only protected by her turban, and we don' t have to forget camels with heavy weights ! My dear ambassador, where is water ? Quickly any solution please ? First of all, go and speak for your country if you wish a really peaceful world. Where ? At this congress of water in Marseille which sadly ended the last month. Some pictures of this event and naturally some hopes.