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    Classic Game Room - POLE POSITION for Atari 5200 review


    by ClassicGameRoom

    Classic Game Room HD reviews POLE POSITION from Namco for the Atari 5200 released in 1983. This arcade style racing game is about as old school as it gets; race against the clock, score points and explode into a fireball of pixilated explosion-awesomeness. Pole Position is one of the rare games that is released on the 5200 and 2600 and is dramatically superior on the Atari 5200. The analog controller works surprisingly well and steers the car slow or fast. You dont rely on the buttons all that much which is a good thing. This CGR review of Pole Position on Atari 5200 has gameplay recorded from Pole Position on Atari 5200 showing game play in action during this classic retro old school arcade driving game that originally appeared in the arcades.