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    Classic Game Room - 500 Gigabyte PS3 review


    by ClassicGameRoom

    Classic Game Room HD reviews the process for installing a 500 Gigabyte hard drive into a 40GB playstation 3, thereby increasing the hard drive space by more than 400 gigs. Classic Game Room was running out of space on the PS3 after downloading new games from the Playstation Network, downloading HD tv shows and downloading game add-on content. The 40 gig PS3 was insufficient for the CGR needs! Rather than buying a new PS3 Slim it was decided that a new 500 gig hard drive for the PS3 was in order, costing 1/4 the price of a new PS3. And it has 500GIGS!!!!! This is not an instructional video on how to install a new PS3 hard drive, but you will see CGR installing a new hard drive into a PS3, a notebook / laptop hard drive to be specific. Please read your instruction manual before trying this. This is a video from Classic Game Room reviewing the relatively easy process to replace and upgrade your Playstation 3 PS3 hard drive with a 500 gig hard drive for a laptop computer. "How do I replace a PS3 hard drive" is a good question, so is "how to replace a PS3 hard drive?" asked in the form of a question. This video will give you an idea of how easy or hard the process of replacing your PS3 hard drive with a 500 gigabyte notebook computer is.