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    Mario Tennis Open Performs the Cross-Over on 3DS (Interview) - PAX East 2012


    by TheGamerAccess

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    Not many video game characters have the ability to star in various forms of video games like a Hollywood actor can with movies, but Mario is clearly the exception with the upcoming release of Mario Tennis Open, exclusive to Nintendo's 3DS. Unarguably the most popular video game character of all time will be hitting the courts with the very familiar cast of the Mario franchise utilizing the technology implemented within Nintendo's 3DS handheld. After having the ability to test the game out for a few minutes, we found the gameplay to be extremely responsive and extremely addicting delivering the console experience within the user's hands.

    After we wrapped up our gameplay session, we spoke with Krysta Yang, Public Relations Specialist for Nintendo, to provide the details on one of the most anticipated 3DS releases of this year. We also just no happened to have a creative attendee in the backdrop that fit our interview very well lol. Watch the interview below provided by Seagate, the storage of choice for gamers and let us know what you think in the comments section.