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    Christopher Ponzi

    by Christopher Ponzi

    The latest video from the truth-seeking creative nonprofit Rebellious Truths ( Sometimes the mechanisms of manipulation are disguised behind the smiles of those we are told to trust. They are the "credible experts," the "people's voice" and the mighty "fair and balanced" swayers of public opinion. Yet the marriage between corporate media and politics is an incestuous one. It is a corrupt relationship that interacts behind closed doors, but its conclusions manifest themselves through international channels of "factual" credibility and "unquestionable truths." This marriage has perverted itself over the years into a dangerous charade of division. The dogmatism of ideological pundits, politicians and their financial supporters have banded together to mislead the majority of the populace..but we know better. Click the end the link at the end of this video to watch and learn about the rebellious truths.