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    How to Troubleshoot Wireless Keyboard Issues

    Chris Pirillo

    by Chris Pirillo

    54 views - Troubleshooting tech issues can be a real hassle, especially if you're working with someone that has a problem without an obvious cause or solution. Using GoToManage, a product of Citrix, you can easily send a clickable link to the person experiencing an issue that they can use to give you temporary control of their system.

    For regular clients (and family members), you can set them up for unattended assistance, giving you access to their system - even when they're not able to take an active role in troubleshooting.

    Troubleshooting a non-functioning wireless keyboard is usually done by asking a few simple questions:

    Have you changed the batteries?

    Is Bluetooth currently enabled on your host machine?

    Have you tried reconnecting the devices by holding down the connection or power button on the keyboard?

    What are your tech issues? Please let a comment and let us know.

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