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BYOD is an issue that will have to addressed security is a key issue and devices without consistent security can be disasterous for companies. How many people have the appropraite security on their Smartphone?
By impactnownj 2 years ago
@pocharle It's interesting you bring this up. I remember a time when consumer devices were not exactly useful for work tasks at all. Mobile technology has really come a long way from those days.
By mrsgeneric 3 years ago
@taimoorzubair: I agree with you. Companies are reluctant to adopt BYOD as they are primarily concerned with security issues. They might trust their employees with the data but not all employees are vigilant when it comes to security. So a device not up to date in terms of anti virus programs etc may cause a significant loss to the company.
By sohaibmasood 3 years ago
I remember the days when bringing a laptop to work was 'taboo'. Now it amazes me that you can get company resource access on smartphones, tablets, and even wifi from mobile gaming handsets. Talk t progress. I wonder what the next phase of BYOD will be 5 years from now...
By pocharle 3 years ago
Despite the advantages of BYOD, a lot of companies are reluctant to accept this and make this as part of their policy. I think a big reason is the lack of trust on employees that they will take adequate measures to protect data on the device and not let any breaches.
By taimoorzubair 3 years ago
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