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    Sumo Wrestlers - 10 Amazing Facts

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    10 Amazing Facts About Sumo Wrestlers - as part of the travel series by GeoBeats.

    Here are 10 amazing facts about the sumo wrestlers of Japan.

    Number 10 - They eat 20,000 calories a day on average. Breakfast is skipped, lunch consists of a stew with meat, vegetables and fish. Some can eat as many as 10 rice bowls in one sitting. For the beginners who are looking to gain weight quickly, sometimes they force themselves to eat until they throw up.

    Number 9 - Average weight of sumo wrestlers is around 300-350 pounds but some can weigh as much as 500-600 pounds.

    Number 8 - Matches typically last for a few seconds, most of them are under a minute long!

    Number 7 - One of the strict rules imposed upon wrestlers is that they may not drive a car.

    Number 6 - As part of the guidelines, they have to wear their traditional dress in public, right down to the feet.

    Number 5 - All sumo wrestlers have to grow their hair long enough so they can form a topknot.

    Number 4 - In professional tournaments, women aren't allowed to enter or touch the ring.

    Number 3 - Historical references suggest sumo wresting, although perhaps not in its present form, originated over 1500 years ago.

    Number 2 - Once they retire, they work as ushers and security guards at sumo events as a way to express humility.

    Number 1- Life expectancy of a sumo wrestler is about 10 years less than that of an average Japanese male.