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    Trends in Hyperlocal Applications and Technology


    by DadLabs

    Daddy Clay talks with Jennifer Jolly, tech & lifestyle editor of the largest tech website for women, Parents today have one of the greatest tools for assisting in raising a family, the internet. Websites like Nextdoor help tap into the original social network, your neighbors. Unlike other sites, Nextdoor is only for people who actually live in your area. Studies have shown that when neighbors are interacting with each other the areas have lower crime rates. Other benefits are lower costs from ride sharing, service referrals, as well as the piece of mind from knowing your neighbors are looking out for the general well being of the neighborhood. Another helpful site for parents is UrbanSitter, which shows ratings, schedule availability, and referrals for local babysitters. Jennifer points out that it is still important to apply common sense and your own comfort level when using these sites, but sees that there is more and more usability and security with them. If a social network or app can help you as a parent, then why not use it? For expecting or new parents, the first installment of the Sane Parents Guide can help you prepare your home for the little one. Download a copy at Amazon or Smashwords. We appreciate your support and thanks for watching! Episode #857 - Trends in Hyperlocal Applications and Technology