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    CoQ10 & Fish Oil aren't Enough for Cardiovascular Health

    Amrion Nutraceuticals

    by Amrion Nutraceuticals

    If you already take fish oil or CoQ10 for your heart, that's a great first step. But they simply aren't enough to keep your arteries, brain, cholesterol levels, and circulatory system in top notch form, too. CompreCardio, from ( a natural heart health supplement, contains 100mg of CoQ10 -- the amount found in studies to deliver the most benefits -- along with over 20 proven nutrients, vitamins and plant extracts to protect your heart and every part of your cardiovascular system. It includes B-complex vitamins to support healthy homocysteine levels, a natural Vitamin-E blend to support healthy cholesterol and protect against oxidation, herbs, vitamins and minerals to support a strong heartbeat, healthy circulation and arterial health. Learn more abot cardiovascular health at