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    Typhoon School #5


    by Speedy149

    "Game of Love" (Parts 1,2 & 3)
    Sisters Jessica and Jazmine duel for the right to Chad's heart. But with Ren as the referee, things get crazy.

    VICTORY! MUAHAHAHA-! *clears throat* I mean, After over a year of technical difficulties, Typhoon School returns....ish. Truth be told, filming for this episode was completed over a year ago. Editing was delayed due to lazyness and, to make a long story short, me learning a valuable lesson: "Cracked software is whack software." Anyway, this episode introduces Jessica and Jazmine. ...Cheerleaders, you know the ones. As soon as I get a new Wii, expect more episodes to be produced as I have completed the rebooting of the series and the previous episodes are canon (if there was any canon).