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    The Showdown Effect Rejuvenates 2.5D Deathmatch Gameplay (Interview) - PAX East 2012


    by TheGamerAccess

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    The Showdown Effect, an upcoming 2.5D (3D with a two-dimensional playing field) deathmatch-style shooter, was one of the most impressive titles I had the chance to check out and experience at PAX East 2012. Coming from the same company behind War of the Roses, Paradox Interactive, The Showdown Effect delivers highly addictive gameplay that any one can catch the grasp of in no time.

    We had the opportunity to get a hands-on demo with The Shadow Effect while covering PAX East 2012 and left impressed. It's not very often you see a game follow the 2.5D gameplay style and Paradox Interactive has nailed it with their upcoming release, The Showdown Effect. To learn more about The Showdown Effect, we caught up with Therese Jansson, one of the artists behind The Showdown Effect to provide insight into what gamers should expect later this year.