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    US Navy declares Virginia Beach F-18 crash 'Easter miracle'


    by ODN

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    Sam Tzanetakos
    in response to: This is what you call stupid."
    brother. as an ex mech stationed in va beach. the navy will NEVER be under staffed. no matter what the deficit. also, it is IMPOSSIBLE to catch problems that happen under the skin of the aircraft. there is no way of knowing when an actuator decides to fail. we've started planes and had hydraulic fluid pour out of the side of the aircraft. for that one we were lucky. I've seen an aileron (movable surface on the ends of some planes that control roll)just drop off of a plane as it touched down then see the plane roll to the left and down into the ocean(carrier opps). the conditions naval planes fly are horrifying. a carrier landing for an F-14 was at 180 knots to 0 in half a sec. the planes literally "crash" onto the deck. this is why we call it "a controlled crash landing". i could tell you with certainty that if the pilot didn't veer away from the homes it because he/she couldn't. they're trained to willingly give up their lives for us
    By Sam Tzanetakos4 years ago
    Hell! I wish my jet did that much damage to the area in Battlefield 3 when I crashed!
    By xtoddx4 years ago
    Wgly Castillo
    double check equipments and condition of F18 .....Probably it lacks control in maintenance.....since US in a deficit. All staff on the airforce base should be relieve from their duties... sorry to say.... This is what you call stupid.
    By Wgly Castillo4 years ago