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    Blind Activist Chen's Health Failing, Netizens Plan Protest


    by NTDTelevision

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    Supporters of Chen Guangcheng say the blind rights activist and self-taught lawyer is in increasingly poor health with no access to medical care.

    Chen and his wife have been under house arrest since 2010 when Chen was released from four years in prison after exposing the forced abortions and sterilizations carried out under the Chinese regime's one-child policy.

    Chen and his wife and two small children are allowed little communication with the outside world.

    According to Radio Free Asia, Nanjing-based rights activist He Peirong said on Thursday that Chen Guangcheng's health is in a serious condition and he has no access to medical care. She said that Chen is suffering from chronic diarrhea, and is now passing blood.

    He Peirong told Radio Free China, "Chronic diarrhea leads to dehydration, and there is a risk to life...We also asked some doctors whether they could write a prescription in the patient's absence for diarrhea.... There wasn't a single one who was prepared to do that. They said that there were too many factors that could be causing [the diarrhea]."

    He Peirong and other netizens are planning to stage a protest on May 1st at Chen's home in Yinan County.

    He Peirong says police have ordered her to cancel the protest.

    But He told Radio Free China, quote, "I told them that if Chen's basic right to existence had been respected by them, and if he had been given medical treatment, then we wouldn't go."