Is it Time to Drop Vista for Windows 7?

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Chris Pirillo
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  • Add to Macmanmcmanaman, a member of the community asked, "Is there any reason to use Vista over a different Windows OS?" This is a good question, and the answer is very simple. No, there is no reason to use Windows Vista at this point in time.

I love Windows 7, and I have done many videos in the past demonstrating some of its amazing features. I was a huge supporter of Windows for most of my life. My entire reputation was put on the line when, after a significant amount of time spent on Vista, I decided to make the switch to OS X as my primary operating system. Viewers of the live feed watched as Vista crashed again and again, often during tapings.

Windows 7 is an excellent overall user experience. There is no reason to stay on Vista when Windows 7 is remarkably improved in every area Vista failed to deliver.

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