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    Do You Still Read Magazines?

    Chris Pirillo

    by Chris Pirillo

    If a magazine needs to tell you that magazines are still important, is it already too late? The news predicts the end of magazines or the switch to a fully digital reading experience with regularity, yet many of us still have magazines arriving every month. In this video Chris points out some of the tactics magazines and their advertisers are using to remain relevant. Using the iPad to raise awareness of the Samsung Epic by surrounding articles with Samsung Epic ads. He shows us how Microsoft can't standardize on their own 2D code standard as Microsoft Sync uses a Microsoft Tag (the alternative to QR Codes) in an ad, while Windows 7 advertising contains a QR Code. And does every advertisment really need to include an iPad? If you still read magazines, which ones do you read and why? Leave a comment, create a video response, or drop Chris an email to share your reasons for reading magazines.