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Keyhole - trailer HD
In theaters: April 6th, 2012
Copyright © 2012 Monterey Media

In a house haunted with memories, gangster and father Ulysses Pick (Jason Patric) arrives home after a long absence tow-ing the body of a teenaged girl and a bound and gagged young man. His gang waits inside his house, having shot their way past police. There is friction in the ranks. Ulysses, however, is focused on one thing: journey-ing through the house, room by room, and reaching his wife Hyacinth (Isabella Rossellini) in her bedroom upstairs. The equilibrium of the house has been disturbed and his odyssey eventually becomes an emotional tour, as the ghostly nooks and crannies of the house reveal more about the mysterious Pick family.

Genre: Drama, Thriller (R)
Official Site:
Director: Guy Maddin
Cast: Jason Patric, Isabella Rossellini, Udo Kier
Writers: Guy Maddin, George Toles
Run Time: 93 minutes

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