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    DA-GROOVE - ca sent le swing - INTRO Star wars+jurassic 5+chinese man+j pod (PARTIE 1)

    Dj Nash

    par Dj Nash

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    Simply!!! a fucking new dj's association, "DA-GROOVE" ,between
    Mr.french-wax and Dj nash, who was created during a "FUN LIVE" totaly improvised for the music day 2011...

    This Band beggin for a fun..., but when we see the fantastic welcome from the people, we decided to get a real start for the Band...
    We call Da-groove, cause we don't love, play a kind of music... We just love music!!! just need groove inside :-)
    to love and make it with our turntables!!!
    We produce aswell and we can tell you anymore about some stuff who coming really soon. check that!!!

    you can contact us on:
    and visit us on:

    Ok thank you !!!and let's your fit and your happyness to keep the control...
    oh!!! just a another thing!!! we love to meet people... Follow us!!!