Muay Thai Fighter Takes Down Tree

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Well it definitely wasn't his toughest opponent, but at least he earned the win. No need for tools when you can take down a banana tree like this!


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By AQT ÔMEGA/DESDE 2013 last year
thats Bukaow Por Pramuk, WMC world champion & a seriously hard mofo!!
By Terry Cunningham last year
By Peni Fiti 2 years ago
I'd like to see all you idiots suggesting to kick down a coconut tree to even try taking down this banana tree first. The reason thai fighters have iron-shinbones is because they kick on banana trees all day. They are hard enough to cause micro-fractures in the shinbone, which then grow back harder, and soft enough for the bone not to fracture.

Have any of you ever tried to kick a banana tree? Or even just a sand bag for that matter? Give it a try and you will be surprised.
By tequila012 2 years ago
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