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    TLDR: Ultrabooks, Touchscreen Gloves, Android, and SOPA

    Chris Pirillo

    by Chris Pirillo

    Boycotting SOPA Supporters is All or Nothing Can This Site Help You Make an Informed Electronic Purchase?

    The Best Touchscreen Gloves for Women

    How Do You Define Retirement?

    What Should We Decide in 2012?

    Five Reasons to Choose Android Over iOS

    What's So Ultra About the Ultrabook?

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    Danke to Thomas Hartmann of Macwelt for his take on Matt Ryan's six reasons for and against OS X and Windows in LockerGnome last week. It's in German, but if you're not of the Teutonic persuasion, you can always get Google to translate it for you if you want to get the general idea.

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