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    How to Set Up a Network Drive on Windows

    Chris Pirillo

    by Chris Pirillo

    132 views - Setting up a network drive on either Windows or OS X can be a confusing process. Either it works right away, or you can find yourself troubleshooting various connectivity issues that keep you from being able to see shared folders and drives on other computers on your network.

    Using GoToManage from Citrix, LockerGnome's Chris Pirillo and Jake Ludington were able to set up Hector's network drive from an iPad.

    Mapping a network drive can be done fairly easily. Once your network drive is set up for network sharing, you can go to your client system and map the network drive so it's as readily available as a local drive. This allows you to avoid having to find the drive or folder on the network each time you start your machine.

    First, you'll need to open Windows Explorer by selecting Computer in your Start menu.

    Next, select Map Network Drive under the Tools menu located a the top of the window.

    At this point, you'll be able to select a drive letter to assign the network drive and navigate to the network drive (or folder) using the Browse button.

    Once you've selected the network resource and drive letter you'd like to assign the remote drive, simply click OK and it should appear alongside any other local drive in the main Windows Explorer screen.

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