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    2003 UK - Tom Morley

    Está en mi DNI

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    When I wake up early in the morning
    Until I go to bed at night
    Peace is always what I dream of
    Is it somewhere inside?

    So tonight I'll close my eyes
    And fly so high
    Across the skies
    With the world under my hand
    I'll seek for souls throughout the land

    If I became a star
    I'd try so hard
    To move this world with my heart
    Singing songs of hope and peace
    So people know it can be achieved
    And so tonight I'll sing my song for the world

    The night my bear to hand, I'm dreaming
    Of how it could be without war
    No more fighting, no more hurting
    And no more suffering anymore

    I dream that all
    Throughout the world
    Every boy and every girl
    Will sleep tonight with peace and love in their heart
    Forever more