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    Samantha Brick talks on TV


    by ODN

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    Rory O Connor
    Wuff wuff-my name is rags! Wuff wuff-my name is rags!
    By Rory O Connor4 years ago
    Ron Camilleri
    No, women hate because you say the most stupid things... Idiot!!!!!
    By Ron Camilleri4 years ago
    Ron Camilleri
    Pull your head in you Dumb Rag.... Your dreaming if you think your beautiful... Attention seaker, yes you sure are... Just shows you how stupid Brit media are to give her the air time to tel the world just how stupid she is... Grow a brain !!!!!
    By Ron Camilleri4 years ago
    im confused? shes not attractive
    By hobnail134 years ago
    David Marrinan
    Bit of dental work, perhaps a hlf decent hair doo, loose the wrinkles and the scabby accent.....she could be almost average.
    By David Marrinan4 years ago