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    Classic Game Room - KONTROL FREEK for PS3, Xbox 360 & OnLive review


    by ClassicGameRoom

    Classic Game Room reviews KONTROL FREEK analog stick enhancement products for PS3, Xbox 360 & OnLive. This devices clip on to your analog sticks to provide 40% greater range in motion (it's simple physics!). Are you looking for that competitive edge in first person shooters or do you want longer analog sticks? FPS Freek and Hoops Freek and TD Freek are Analog Stick Extensions from (Kontrol Freek!). Kontrol Freek may extend analog sticks, but they really need to learn how to spell!! CONTROL FREAKS use Kontrol Freeks when they want convex or concave rubber analog extension tips for PS3, Xbox 360 or Onlive controllers (Does not work with Dreamcast or Atari 5200 controllers)