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    Maa Rajastan Ree - Dance Song


    by Rajshri

    Thakur Surya Pratap, the cruel landlord has taken control of the villages and oppressed the poor for many generations. Ganga, a brave woman stands up against Thakur's tyranny and fights for the villager's rights. Thakur murders her husband to crush any mutiny agaist him. Ganga swers to avenge her husbands death and sends her only daughter, Vidya to the city for education. Years later, Vidya returns to her village as the school teacher and along with her mother re-opens the school shut by Thakur. Soon a war escalates between Ganga and Thakur as Vidya unites the villager's to stand up against injustice. How will Vidya and Ganga unite the village to revolt against Thakur's autocratic rule? What dangerous plans will Thakur devise to crush the uprising?